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Guest Post: Peace is a Choice by Alleyn Kane

Under the guidance of a Tae Kwon Do master, I had my first profound realisation with meditation

Alleyn is a writer, martial artist, and meditation practitioner. He has lived in and travelled throughout east Asia where he feels right at home. Until he finishes the novel that will unite humanity, bring world peace, and enlighten the universe, you’ll find him online, grafting as copy writer.

Throughout my life, I at times struggled with anger and anxiety. Rather serendipitously, I found the Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do, or rather it found me, in my youth and set me on a different path. Through Tae Kwon Do, I was first introduced to meditation. Like all martial arts, Tae Kwon Do teaches self-control, so meditation compliments training perfectly.

Meditation was always practiced at the beginning and end of each Tae Kwon Do class. Our teacher used it as a tool to help us focus on our training and self-control. As an overthinker, I found it almost impossible to quieten my mind for long, so meditation became a battle. I spent most of the time scolding myself for not having immediately mastered the skill.

About a year into my training, I attended a Tae Kwon Do camp in Wales where I was introduced to my teacher’s teacher – a Tae Kwon Do master. Each morning, before training, the master led us on longer, more complex guided meditation journeys. It was during one of his sessions that something clicked for me and I was able to experience the power of meditation for the first time.

As we lay on the ground, the master guided us through an energy light-field meditation. We imagined that we were surrounded by pure white light and as we breathed in, this energy entered and filled our bodies. I could see the light, I could feel it enter and revive me, I felt completely calm, and I was able to resist the urge to follow my thoughts. Like never before, I was completely focused and at peace. I knew that something special was happening. All sense of time and the outside world slipped away. There was only the blissful feeling of calmness and the image of myself surrounded by light.

Eventually, our master brought us back. He said something that I have never forgotten. He told us to register the feeling of peace, to put a pin in it. He said that whatever peaceful state we were in at that moment was always present within us. He told us that we had opened a road within our minds to this state and that the road was always open, no matter what is going on around us. It was an incredible moment of realisation for me.

In the years since, I have continued to practice meditation outside of Tae Kwon Do. And although I am more experienced, that moment still stands out for me. Understanding that inner peace is a choice is what made the experience so profound. Once we know and accept that, we can choose to return to it, we can choose how to act, and we can choose not to let our emotions control us. Realising that we have a choice is the key to empowerment, self-control, and growth. Of course, it’s easy to say and difficult to practice. As humans, we are driven by our emotions. We are all prone to panic and anger, it’s an easier route for our brains to take. But by practicing meditation we can open a path to peace and self-control. And the more you open the path, the more likely you are to travel it.

Just knowing that a calm and controlled state exists within and is available at any time is a powerful first step towards self-mastery and a happier, more peaceful way of life. It’s simply a matter of choice.


Find the shit in your life

It is late Meme Monday and I have realized a meme. Recently I have been bogged down with a large amount of negative thoughts about really petty things. Recently I have been back up in managing all of the social media accounts for the Interdimensional Imbecile and realized how relatively positive I have become after I have switched to the Interdimensional Imbecile Instagram account-which is not subscribed to numerous political accounts.

I am not here to preach on politics. Especially 2020, you can find a wide array of resources to engage in solving all of the problems from an inefficient 3rd Dimensional perspective. If that is what you are called to do in life, then by all means, go at it. I am not here to judge you.

Learning about “Think about Shit Get Shit” the Shit way

If you are like me however, then we are seeking hgher vibrations and better ways to solve problems both internally and externally without yelling at people and all of that negative egotistic shenanigans.

There is a large misconception where in order to manifest something one must “attract” their object of focus. This is merely an mnemonic and not the actual result. It is like how one would consider everything to be solid and act in reality as if everything is solid when according to physics, it is really just a lot of empty space.

Likewise, despite the usefulness of “putting in an order” poses towards the beginner, there comes a time where the beginner must become the master or at least intermediate. It is now time to understand what truly happens when one manifests.

It is simple:

Your thoughts literally directly become reflected into reality instantaneously.

Someone has probably used similar or exactly the same wording but I wrote it here without exposure. But no one owns this principle.

I even wrote an article explaining in-depth on how this works and why it is true even though a majority of people are not making gold rain from the sky(which is kind of a good thing since it is a heavily dense metal). But what is important is that when you think about shit, shit will eventually manifest as the thoughts of shit take over your mind.

This implication is so important that I will use WordPress’s Quote feature to put more empahsis upon it(and reach a higher word count more easily)

when you think about shit, shit will eventually manifest as the thoughts of shit take over your mind.

Definitely me.

The Good Shit about the Shit that has went down

So I realized by letting small shitty thoughts take over my mind, they have grown into even bigger piles of shit which have now manifested into less than ideal situations. What s good about them however is them is that I have the opportunity to grow and understand how to conquer even more deeply seated negative thoughts. I have friends who have come to me asking for advice on how to improve their lives and some of them have even been open enough to consider manifestation. What had stood in their way, however, is that the negativity is deeply seated.

I would simply say “just let go and focus on what you really want”. Oh boy oh boy how easily said than done. I wasn’t even preaching to the choir, I was preaching to myself.

This amazing journey has been a very chaotic one and emotional one. But it has brought many rewards in return. I now know why I took the long way: so that I can help others navigate their way throughout the treacherous path.

This has been so treacherous is that I have had to go back to the basics and remind myself on what I was preaching in the first place. An amazing video that has gone viral in the past and has still been popular is Landria Onkka’s 3 Second Manifestation videos. They have reminded me that I can make it out. Not only that, I can manifest making it out and then manifest making everything cool happen and living a really awesome lifestyle.

If most of you are concerned about any of the production quality and the cheesy thumbnail. Don’t judge the wisdom by the way it is delivered- wisdom is still wisdom. And Landria does bring her own special style that I really honestly-despite being a graphics geek-would not have it any other way. Landria, if you are reading this, thank you for awakening many peoople including me. And helping all of us on this amazing experience in Life and Existence and whatnot!

You have all the power

The idea within the phrase has been something that has been thrown around the spiritual community since time immemorial. It is so saturated that it has become some meaningless inspirational phrase that is thrown to someone in hardship. It is not merely some cheesy words. It is truth. If you have shit in your life, and you likely will in this word, that shit is good because you will grow even stronger and even have knowledge to aid others going on the same journey as you.

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