We had nothing to lose as Children.

I have listened to this masterpiece of Christmas Music. It evokes to childhood when I didn’t need to worry about much. I would go and venture forth with arbitrary conquests and mostly enjoy myself.

Those days are dead. I’ve been mourning them for a few months. I found comments of those who have been mourning for decades.

I wrote a comment, and it goes like this:

As children, we were happy because we had nothing else to lose.

It is to our horror when we learn why all those adults were so sad.
And it is to our horror when it is longer “we” but “they”.

The days crept away. We were slowly stripped of who we were.
We are frogs boiled-cooked, sad, and dead.

Maybe that’s why some of the adults hate children:
They didn’t hate us back then, they envied us.

Why is such a small portion of life more significant than the rest?
Are the later days meant for us to wallow in the past?

Maybe it’s because we can’t let go. Those memories.
And so as we forget to let go we lose what children have.



Find the shit in your life

It is late Meme Monday and I have realized a meme. Recently I have been bogged down with a large amount of negative thoughts about really petty things. Recently I have been back up in managing all of the social media accounts for the Interdimensional Imbecile and realized how relatively positive I have become after I have switched to the Interdimensional Imbecile Instagram account-which is not subscribed to numerous political accounts.

I am not here to preach on politics. Especially 2020, you can find a wide array of resources to engage in solving all of the problems from an inefficient 3rd Dimensional perspective. If that is what you are called to do in life, then by all means, go at it. I am not here to judge you.

Learning about “Think about Shit Get Shit” the Shit way

If you are like me however, then we are seeking hgher vibrations and better ways to solve problems both internally and externally without yelling at people and all of that negative egotistic shenanigans.

There is a large misconception where in order to manifest something one must “attract” their object of focus. This is merely an mnemonic and not the actual result. It is like how one would consider everything to be solid and act in reality as if everything is solid when according to physics, it is really just a lot of empty space.

Likewise, despite the usefulness of “putting in an order” poses towards the beginner, there comes a time where the beginner must become the master or at least intermediate. It is now time to understand what truly happens when one manifests.

It is simple:

Your thoughts literally directly become reflected into reality instantaneously.

Someone has probably used similar or exactly the same wording but I wrote it here without exposure. But no one owns this principle.

I even wrote an article explaining in-depth on how this works and why it is true even though a majority of people are not making gold rain from the sky(which is kind of a good thing since it is a heavily dense metal). But what is important is that when you think about shit, shit will eventually manifest as the thoughts of shit take over your mind.

This implication is so important that I will use WordPress’s Quote feature to put more empahsis upon it(and reach a higher word count more easily)

when you think about shit, shit will eventually manifest as the thoughts of shit take over your mind.

Definitely me.

The Good Shit about the Shit that has went down

So I realized by letting small shitty thoughts take over my mind, they have grown into even bigger piles of shit which have now manifested into less than ideal situations. What s good about them however is them is that I have the opportunity to grow and understand how to conquer even more deeply seated negative thoughts. I have friends who have come to me asking for advice on how to improve their lives and some of them have even been open enough to consider manifestation. What had stood in their way, however, is that the negativity is deeply seated.

I would simply say “just let go and focus on what you really want”. Oh boy oh boy how easily said than done. I wasn’t even preaching to the choir, I was preaching to myself.

This amazing journey has been a very chaotic one and emotional one. But it has brought many rewards in return. I now know why I took the long way: so that I can help others navigate their way throughout the treacherous path.

This has been so treacherous is that I have had to go back to the basics and remind myself on what I was preaching in the first place. An amazing video that has gone viral in the past and has still been popular is Landria Onkka’s 3 Second Manifestation videos. They have reminded me that I can make it out. Not only that, I can manifest making it out and then manifest making everything cool happen and living a really awesome lifestyle.

If most of you are concerned about any of the production quality and the cheesy thumbnail. Don’t judge the wisdom by the way it is delivered- wisdom is still wisdom. And Landria does bring her own special style that I really honestly-despite being a graphics geek-would not have it any other way. Landria, if you are reading this, thank you for awakening many peoople including me. And helping all of us on this amazing experience in Life and Existence and whatnot!

You have all the power

The idea within the phrase has been something that has been thrown around the spiritual community since time immemorial. It is so saturated that it has become some meaningless inspirational phrase that is thrown to someone in hardship. It is not merely some cheesy words. It is truth. If you have shit in your life, and you likely will in this word, that shit is good because you will grow even stronger and even have knowledge to aid others going on the same journey as you.

Picture Credit:
Tom and Jerry owners.
The image is an internet meme for those of you who are not too much into the art of Memelordery. Fair use I guess.

Advice Personal Growth Train of Thought

Starting Again and Looking Back: Reflections on a Dying Childhood Part. 1

It has been a while since I have divulged upon this blog. The featured image was a wallpaper I loved to use in middle school. I found it during the Christmas Holidays just near New Years and when AFV was a thing. I always saw it as a silly sunrise. But now it feels like a sad sunset. A goodbye to such an era with Roblox, Algodoo, and Qubo.

I became caught up in work, school, and whatnot. I “let my sorry notions go the way”.

What I did right however was find friends and spend time with them. Perhaps I could have spent more time with family as well, but that is another story for another day. I still made my effort.

Recently, I commented on a nostalgia song “Heist by Ben Folds” to someone who said the movie came out when they were 5 and they were now 17:

Enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™
Soon you’ll find yourself warning the others.

Me wasting my youth looking back at more youthful times.

Looking Back

I see why every adult is so stuck in the past. They have all of their world decayed. That’s why they showed us their music, their cartoons, and their stories. I do not think many people are even familiar with the actual fairy tales anymore. And it is rare to find someone of my generation and even more so of the next that is able to climb a mere tree.

I remember playing around exploring stuff. But letting my obsession with being the best spoil the moment. In adolescence I fought with my parents like everyone else-but I realized wars could have been fought more nicely. I cried for the days gone. I miss them.

I have always wondered. what if I were to let go? Let go of those days and start off as a child again? Not in a literal sense. But to carry the lessons that were valuable, and start from scratch? The reason I propose such is from this quote:

But in his carefree youth, it seemed had seem almost like an abstract impossible thing to ever happen to him. Death seemed like an abstract impossible thing to happen to him. But with each passing decade he began to gauge the time he probably had left. And by h is 40s when he considered his halfway point-a best- he had come to know just one thing: You will get older.

The next thing you know, you are looking back, instead of forward.

It’s Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt

The 80s had their memes. And so did the 90s. I was of the 2010s. People rarely remember shoop da whoop and domo. Doge is undead eternal.

But when we were young. We had noothing to mourn. Perhaps it is better that way. To ride with the memes and learn. Not to analyze it like a cringy facebook mom. But to experience it the natural way. You just learn about such.

Who would want to grow up?

It is interesting to find that children can do things that you cannot even if you are older and more experienced. I remember as a child adults being jealous of my ability to not worry.

I am in the middle right now at the age of 19 in college. Hopefully I will not have to “grow up” in the sense that I will be burdened by such worries. If growing up entails that, I do not know why so many people are so insane to go through with such.

It may often be attributed that hard work is a “mature” trait. However, I beg to differ. As child I worked hard to achieve what I really wanted. I would spend hours playing videos games and-ironically-studying. I enjoyed knowing more than everyone else. Being good at everything.

Alas, that is something I have dropped. Sometimes being good was more important than having fun. In that sense, I lost that “grown up” part of me that was so prominent in my childhood.

Slaying some demons

I have been meditating more often. Life is being more in the 4k resolution rather than the 720 or 480p as most would have thought.

I have learned to face fears. In my early stages I was not afraid of anything. I lived life. I saw good in everything. I guess the taint of adulthood is already creeping the moment you come out of the womb. I have also learned that I don’t have to follow anyoness arbitrary ruless. I can be myself. And do as I please.

That is a good thing for some people, a bad thing for others. I’m not one to burn buildings at the tip of a hat. But I was barred from enjoying the popular music given a certain trait that I had. A certain trait that they claimed no one should be judged on, but judge on others themselves. It is controversial. But I have been noticing more people seeing the tomfoolery and transcending the situation. Either way, I’m more of a “bruh” type of guy. I predict in 10 years no one will give a damn like the term “jay”.

In 50 years it will be an oddity. I do not useit here not because I have no inhibition to say it, but I’m more of a “bruh” sort of guy. I guess once you get over the fear of it, you really have not much fear and the ability to do such really becomes irrelevant. (It was considered worse than fuck.) It’s fascinating to see acceptance of others using other wordss that have not even developed a friendly meaning for other groups. But this is the Interdimensional Imbecile and not the Shapiro Show. It’s really irrelevant at this point. I will just say again that I am glad to see more people from everywhere realizing the mess and realizing that it really has evolved into something more friendly. I can finally enjoy modern music without anxiety.

What happened to childhood. Realize I was in the crossfire of a Great War of Pointlesss Shit

Imma faire mah laizar

Hinting of cultural 3rd Dimensional drama, I believe the only time I can remember not having drama was in childhood. I just remembered playing gamess and seeing all of these adults attempt to teach us kidss to be kind and nice to each other whille slinging shit at each other.

It’s crazy to see how much shit slinging I have gotten to myself.

Perhaps if more people in the word were like children. It would be a nicer place to live.

A free world entails that there will be negativity. There will be bulliess and jerks. It is a part of learning. Without such one is incapable to handle. But standing up for oneself has almost been forbidden by the schools and the bully has the upper hand. One has to have a tooth broken before they gain favor.

We often ban children from participating in certain things due to their lack of development and understanding. But when they accidentally do certain things we treat them as adults as if they fully understood what they did to get revenge instead building them up. Be we limited them because they didn’t. I don’t think that’s the way-as in holding double standards and treating them as one or the other to reach a certain means. It feels as cheaty as a carnival game. A child is a child. A teenager is a teenager. An adult is an adult. I don’t see how people have lost sight of something basic. Don’t just remove meaning from the categories to suit your agenda. Did I say “we”, I mean they. Of course, for the sake of distinction, an adult is not necessarily a “grown up” who slaves over bills and politics. I do not know if I will stick to this terminology but for this article I will.

I really think if we really were to go by the “x is an x” standard. Most of you will agree that adults are mainly the immature ones. Kids are just caught in the crossfire. I’m still caught, but I’m halfway to being an “adult adult”. It seems they only want you to be an adult if they want to charge you with something.

I’m in this weird place now. Sure, I’m 19 and it is Texas and the USA so I am an “adult”. Even if I’m in one of those crazier stick-up-the-ass places, I am capable of quickly finding a means to support myself and live independently. But I still have that “spark of youth” within. I still can do crazy things without getting too many glares. Sure, you have some “fun old men” who are younger in spirit than their own offspring and possess more vitality than most(my grandfather is a prime example, he runs daily and exercises. I know most of you just sit and shit).

Can ai haz Chezburgher?

High school is a blur now. But it was a trudge. It was only 4 years of my life and it felt so long.. So it gives me hope that I can make the best out of college. The past 2 months also felt long. Given that it was 2020, I could use that as an excuse. But 2 months in high school as a senior also felt long.

Spirituality is messy. At least my path is. Not all rainbows and Firey Chariots.

This reflection isn’t really meant to be a critique on the current state of society. There’s more than enough resources for that. It’s for showing my mental process in processing all of this. There’s a lot of stuff. And I’ll send some more your way as I work my way to astral projection and a full Kundalini raising.

Most of you had probably hoped for a more encouraging piece during these times. But all this spirituality stuff. You realize that you have to master both the Dark and the Light.

Train of Thought

Above the Clouds: Don’t get caught in the Storm

“The world will be covered in a dark shroud of illusion while the Light enters this dimension”, was the message I obtained just before 2020. “Use this time to grow. Do not get caught with what is happening. All is not what it seems. Look within, only there will you grow. Left is Right, Right is Left, Up is Down, and Down is Up. You will not be able to tell where things are going from your eyes. Only from your heart.”

I kinda squandered some time despite getting some important information

2020 has a lot going on and I do think 2021 will not slow down. It will visibly be slower, but deeper things will be rushing by the likes of the underground rivers of the Earth. Those tuned on lower frequencies will not notice a thing except that things will become a lot more chiller. This will continue for some time. For others however, prepare for the

All was not lost

If you saw my media around that time(specifically Instagram). I did not take much heed to that message. I did not use my time too well in personal growth and I did not meditate as mu as I would have liked. Although, I feel that all of this was meant to be. I needed to know how struggling was like before I could teach others.

I also would bring forth a book to help people of ALL frequencies and vibrations. It needed to be capable of reaching the lower levels. I needed to know the terrain.

Birds fly in the Air. Fish swim in the Sea. While Worms Revel in the Dirt.

I could not reach others if I were to simply talk in higher terms. The higher terms are so simple but virtually impossible to directly translate to the lower dimensions where they would be readily understood.

Speaking to the Worms, Fish, and Birds

For example, Reality directly reflects Consciousness is very simple. What are you manifest is instantly around you. There is no “time buffer”. The only reason such exist s because you created-or manifested-one in your consciousness. Most people, even some of the most advanced manifestors would cry “bullshit” and “fluff” when I preach such. I will admit that I do have belief in a time buffer and I do understand how they experience manifestation. I can empathize not only sympathize. However, it is completely possible to immediately and instantly manifest everything and anything. More and more people will begin finding themselves be capable as more and more blockages are cleared.

Return to growth

Magical Meditation Horse
Getting back on the Magical Meditation Horse!

At the beginning of “Summer” after High School “ended”, I began hanging out with two of my friends quite closely. We did a lot around town and messed around. Recently however, we have been a bit distant. This is not a bbad thing. I believe this was so that I could have free time for myself to grow. I am about to begin learning how to raise Kundalini and face my innermost fears. Robert Bruce is very legit. You can find instructions of his Energy Techniques.

A side note…

Before I continue, these links are not affiliate links. I had to manifest the 400$ in order to take it. You want to have the focus to manifest 400$ to take it. Kundalini when raised improperly has killed people and ruined their lives. (An affiliate program would have been a fun way to get the money though) It was a rough one, but it was generally fun. I found a job earlier in around January and moved for one where my friends worked just around May.

I am not paid to say this. I have dealt with fluff in my years of Energy Work and whatnot. I can tell you when he says they are “more effective than any current technique”, he means it. I have not had as much success nor as much intense experiences from such. I literally have shit my pants. (No joke, intense Root Chakra activation will excite the organs nearby… And yeah… And this is not psychosomatic because I generally have firm stool. I have only have had loose stool during such. Wow. Now you know about my shit-literally. Anyways…)

He offers a free Energy Primer and you can get his books off amazon or find them. You will get information if you seek it one way or another. There is enough to piece on the forums and the internet on what he talks about and some of his main works were more polished versions of his forum posts.

It is difficult, but possible

Opening Sky

Recently, I have been meditating more and more. My senses have vastly improved and I can sense energy even more strongly. I am currently facing fears right now that were deep rooted in the past. Even though I am above the clouds, there are still challenges that await me.

Often I do find myself engaging in 3rd Dimensional politics and drama. It is so hard to watch the world appear to go bad without doing anything directly to help it(from a 3rd Dimensional Standpoint). I do sense that on the deepest levels that I do know that if I were to not directly engage with the 3rd Dimensional stuff it would still improve as the course has been generally set.

On the shallow levels, I have been growing more and more accepting to the fact that raising my frequency will do more help than staying in the Dirt. And in doing such, I inspire others to take the same journey. In the Kybalion, it is said higher principles override lower principles. The ability to manifest overrides the “solidity” of the earthly planes(which is why you do hear of “miracles” happening from attracting massive amounts of wealth or gurus levitating in the Himalayas).

The Storm is a choice

“The world will be covered in a dark shroud of illusion while the Light enters this dimension. Use this time to grow. Do not get caught with what is happening. All is not what it seems. Look within, only there will you grow. Left is Right, Right is Left, Up is Down, and Down is Up. You will not be able to tell where things are going from your eyes. Only from your heart.”

Message from Above

I urge you to grow. Some of you will still be involved in the lower levels because you have chosen on a higher level to experience such. Others, who have come here to raise the frequency, I urge you to remember. The Earth is entering a new era. This era will be perceived by those on such frequencies. Despite the opening of such possibility. We will maintain a diversity of frequencies but now the 5th dimension will be an “easier” possibility.

It is all a game of evolution

2020 be feeling like this at times

It is not less spiritual to be involved with the 3rd Dimension. The 3rd Dimension contains information that is not as apparent to the 5th Dimension. You never really get “hurt”.

Why people first person shooter video games? Warfare is exhilarating and exciting. And we learn a lot from working with team mates and being cautious. All without real bloodshed.

The same is why we came to the 3rd Dimension. It is a game. Play the game. You are a beautiful being regardless. Like video games, we can get so involved we forget where we come from. Like video games we desire to do stuff in “real life” as well. This is why we have more people ascending to the 5th dimension and activating their capabilities in such.

You have free will to choose your reality to your desire

If you desire to revel in the dirt.
By all means, you are beautiful for doing such and experiencing the lessons.

If you desire to swim in the sea, by all means, you are beautiful for doing such and experiencing the lessons.

But if you do desire to soar. Now is the time.
Go above the clouds.
Past the lightning bolts and thunder crash.
There you will find peace.

Gratitudes to these Public Domain Picture sources!
Hurricane Picture
Opening Sky

Train of Thought

Be not Afraid: Why Death is your Friend

The mysterious fortune teller lady from the Hollywood Movie realm magically spreads her cards. She arranges them in a familiar cross pattern and slowly turns over the card. “Your first card…”, she begins dramatically. The card in the center is overturned. It is a skull. “Death.”
“Oh shit o shit shit shit shit shit!”, you frantically scream as you attempt to make your way out of the dim parlor.

The ridiculous amount of incense both cloud your vision-and your smell. You feel nauseous… Maybe too nauseous as you finally feel the antique door. You can feel her eyes digging into your soul… Perhaps some ancient Gypsy Magic that has been passed down from generation to generation. “I don’t want your gypsy magic anymore!”, you scream. “I’m from California”, her croaky voice replies, “And my relatives were from Sweden.”

Most people are sensibly afraid of Death. Life is so awesome and has many things to offer. You have trees, the physical Sun, the wind, taxes, bills, jobs, cute doggos, aggressive doggos, psychic doggos, and hippies. Not many of us has ever contact those who have gone from this material realm and there lies the possibility that such contacts are merely the product of “human imagination”.

It may surprise you at first, but my favorite Tarot card is Death itself.

Wtf bro. How are you still alive to type this shit?

At least 50% of readers.

What is Death in the First Place?

Have you ever stopped to think what exactly death is? Chances are, probably not. Most likely you see death as rotten, decaying bodies. You see skulls, bones and grimp reapers. Perhaps you have lost someone you dearly loved to Death. Death is a cruel god. Perhaps you see Death as uncertainty. Will you go to Heaven? Or Hell? Is there even a Heaven or Hell? Or do you just cease to experience anything and become literally Nothing-something that is quite impossible for anyone to truly imagine being. Fortunately for you, those deal with the Afterlife(if such exists you think), we’re going to focus on our good ol’ friend Death.

“Our elders do not despise the new. It is because they mourn the end of their era, their world.”

Deep thought I had

Death is Merely the End of Something

Given the mortal nature of our bodies(due to our belief processes), Death is mostly associated with the end of life. We do not see it only in ourselves but in other species. When our ancestors hunted wild animals, they saw what was conscious suddenly become the likes of the stones that they had tread upon. Even the trees eventually die on their own. Is there no limit to what Death can touch?

Death is not limited to what is classically regarded as “alive”. Everything, even abstract concepts, are subject to Death. When humans entered the Earth it was the Death of an era of the ultimate rule of Nature over the Earth(although we should learn to work with Nature as Nature knows how to always win in the end). When we learned to farm and domesticate, our days of hunting and gathering virtually met Death. As we began creating machines such as wheels and irrigation, the age of having to spend so much effort on manual labor began walking towards Death. Even though we still have societies to this day that hunt and gather as well as perform only manual labor without any machinations, to the rest of society, such antique aspects of life are ultimately Dead.

The Death of something is not entirely bad

As we learn and grow, certain things become old and become blockages. The only thing we can do is to release and let them go. Sometimes it is sad to see such familiar things fade away. Recently, I was contemplating my childhood as I graduated High School. I saw what I would leave behind and what I would keep. Of course, has I have changed, so has those things and thus have went through Death.

It may be an odd way of seeing Death, but think of those annoying TV shows that you watched. Sure, other shows were and still are timeless classics such as Jacob Two Two and Rupert(only those who did not have cable will understand), but I can guarantee with a hand sanitizer 99.99% accuracy that there is a show that you cannot be paid to sit and watch(like Barney and Friends). I think we can agree that the Death of those days is a good thing.

Death has it’s time-do not go gung ho with Death plz

I hope that you have read through this article because I would like to make it super duper chocolately clear that this article is not advocate killing yourself or someone else. If you have already grabbed the butcher knife, please note that I had emphasized that Death has a side other than the death of biological life!

Death has a deeper side and is not limited to biological life!


But do not go bringing Death to things in your life that don’t need Death. If things are going well and you are satisfied, there is no need to “throw the console with the video games(or the “baby with the bathwater” if you’re from the older generations).

However, if you do need to end something in your life. Then now is the time-but be very sure. If you have a releationship that is simply not meant to be and you have tried to manifeset it getting better but the otheer person is not willing to hep improve it the only way is the Death of the Relationship(not the person, put the knife down). If you are in a terrible job and you have an opportunity or an amazing business idea that your Heart(true heart, not just “I feel”, but the one of LOVE, and not hate.), then it is time for the Death of the Job(and not your boss. Maybe they’ll bring Death to their era of being a shitty boss, but they can’t if they’re not alive so put down the katana and chill).

But still work with it

Death may seem like a scary thing. It “takes” away your loved ones and “demolishes” all that you have worked for. Death is not the end! It is merely the transition. What is necessarily for Birth, and a New Life.

Picture Sources:
Ya boi Death

Meditation Personal Growth Train of Thought

Beauty of the Night: How to Overcome Fear

One of the most common associations with Night is negativity. There are shadows and darkness and things the creep and crawl. People that literally creep and crawl. Danger around every corner. It is not safe to be outside. You hide in your home with hope that no one will try to break in. You sleep restlessly in the Night in your most vulnerable position.

Why I find the Night beautiful

Other than Dusk and Dawn, I find the Night being more beautiful than Day. When you are with civilization, there are a multitude of sights to see and sounds to hear. People are still out and about having a good time. When driving on the Interstate, the sections with lights are look marvelous. Usually there are just enough people with you driving to keep the darker sections lit without overcrowding the road.

It may seem foolish to walk out at night but there is no heat to beat you down in the summertime. Without the hustle and bustle of the Day, there is a certain sense of peace that overwhelms the soul. As mankind goes to sleep, Nature stays awake. If there was any true “City that doesn’t sleep”, it would be Nature’s kingdom.

A song that would describe a peaceful walk at night would be Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments”. It also goes well with Dusk and Dawn. (This is not an affiliate embed nor my Youtube channel. I make no money off of it. If anything, I am reward with joy for sharing such a chill song with you ^_^)

What about the Danger?

If you are in a state of true love and happiness and alignment at the same time, there is nothing that can harm you. I have not had anything bad happen to me walking outside alone at night. I know there are stories of other people, but those people are neither me nor you. It is one of the most remarkable experiences to “sense” everything around you being filled with love. Even in a dark alleyway there will be peace.

It’s not that the Universe has your back, the Universe is simply providing you with the experience that you have set your consciousness to. If you think about a Beautiful Night you get a Beautiful Night, if you think Spooky Night, then you will get a Spooky Night with Spooky Skeletons and Shivers Down your Spine. (Don’t forget about the Shrieking Skulls that Shock you Soul… And seal your Doom tonight).

Why there is still Fear of the Night

I will be honest that when you first go out at Night alone, there are so many things that look like something could be hiding there. There’s trees, dark alleyways, trashcans, and really sharp corners. It is deeply ingrained within our genetics:

We needed fear to survive lower dimensional consciousness, but we are evolving far beyond that.

What a study on mice says about men

Interestingly, a study done on mice scientifically proved that fearful beliefs can be passed from parent to child without having the child to have the same experience in the child. It involved mice and has yet to be performed on humans(given the nature of the experiment, it needs to be modified so it may be ethically carried out). On the other hand, if mice-which do share similarities with humans-(and thus are the choice of animal test subjects)-are able to pass down fears through generations genetically, it does point out that so can humans.

Even if it is not genetic, fear is still passed down through generations

It is not yet apparent that our fears are passed through our very DNA; however, our very culture, our Consciousness, does have fears ingrained that are taught from parent to child. It makes sense, a society educating their chidren on how to survive.

Moving past outdated lower dimensional fears

You do not need to fear the Night. There is is a Hidden Beauty that is available to you without any danger. As you shift your consciousness into higher realms of peace and love, all threats begin to fade away. Beause you resonate so strongly on Beauty and Awesome Shit, then nothing that doesn’t resonate on that vibration can come close to you.

If you do have any resonance of Unwanted Danger, then the Universe will dutifully bring to you what you have told it to bring to you.

It is usually a long process to work out deep beliefs. I myself am still in that process. The general steps go like this:

  1. Realize you have a fear or outdated belief
  2. Begin to contemplate upon it. Send it love and thank it for the lesson
  3. Release the belief without any resistance.
  4. 1-3 Wash, rinse, repeat.

Of course, even though these steps are simple, the execution of even step 1 can be difficult.

Step 1 in Detail

What beliefs do you have right now? Which beliefs serve you? Which ones hold you back. Make a list of possible beliefs if you are not sure. Did you ever have a good moment or wwanted to do something you knew that was good but then your mind hindered you? That’s likely a detrimental belief. Choose one for Step 2.

Step 2 in Detail

Why do you have this belief? Was there an experience that led you to support it? Can you reevaluate such experience? If you don’t know, is there any reason to support the belief? What 3rd Dimensional reasons justify such blieffs? What 4th and 5th Dimensional reasons can you think of? Is the belief out of Love? Can you find a way to turn the belief into Love?

Step 3 in Detail

Are there any reasons to keep this belief? Fear has no true power. It only appears to have power. The only power fear has is power that you have. It is now time to reclaim that power. Let the fear go. Fear is Blockage and thus meditation can be used to overcome and transcend such.

Step 4 in Detail

Letting go of Fear can be a taxing thing. If you need to take a break, by all means take a break. You already have a list from Step 1. If you don’t, you either have cleared all your fears or have some deeper ones. In time they will surface-you can also go deeper towards them.

Be not afraid of that Good Night

I was going to write a general conclusion but I just had an idea for a poem

Be not afraid of That Good Night
Be not afraid of That Good Night!
Do not fear Darkness, Shadows, and Things that Fright…

Although you may desire to see the Light
You may find it within…
On that Good Night.


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Why the 1 Minute Meditation is the Most Powerful Meditation

Meditation is a diverse topic. There are breathing meditations, walking meditations, chakra meditations, even more chakra meditations, and more breathing meditations, and Mer Ka Ba meditations, astral projection meditations, manifestation meditations… Surely, there ought to be a meditation that is the “one to rule them all”.

Say Hello to the 1 Minute Meditation: Breath Edition

  1. Set the timer to 1 minute or 1 minute and 5 seconds to give yourself time to get into position.
  2. Press the start button(duh)
  3. Close your eyes and position yourself quickly in a relaxed manner.
  4. Do the following steps with gentle focus to the breath.
  5. Breathe in deeply.
  6. Breathe out slowly.
  7. If you have any thoughts, let them play but do not engage. It’s like that annoying sibling. They’re grabbing you by the shirt and wanting you to play some My Little Pony games. Don’t engage with them, just keep doing what you are doing and it will pass πŸ™‚
  8. If you do want to play My Little Pony, surely you can wait 1 minute πŸ˜‰
  9. Keep doing steps 6-8 until the timer rings.
  10. Do this meditation at a given time every day. I’m pretty sure 1 minute will not ruin any antics that you do in the morning.

So… Just focus on my fucking breath for 1 minute? I want my money back.

Most people reading this

Of all the meditations that I have experimented with, the 1 Minute Meditation is powerful not only in its effect but its versatility. You don’t have to focus on your breath. You can do each chakra rather quickly or simply send energy to the Earth or the Stars or the Universe. You can imagine yourself being cleansed of dark energy by visualizing light! Mentally burst through one or more “walls”… You can even attain some sort of inner wisdom by speaking with Unicycle Frog. “Anything goes”, as they say πŸ™‚

The Importance of 1 Minute

Okay, so it’s basically just any meditation that is done within 1 minute. That’s the most half-assed meditation I have ever encountered. Surely 30 minutes would have a greater effect!

Most people reading this

It is very important that the meditation is done within 1 minute. The that lies within doing a meditation within a minute is that it sets the requirement for completing said meditation very minimal. If you are a beginner, how well can you stick to a 1 hour regimen every day? Over half of you(including me in the past), would not last a single day.

There is no point in meditation for 30 minutes a day if it does not happen!

It’s a Magical Meditation Horse Charlie!

Also, some of you might have “fallen off the Cosmic Meditation Horse”. Perhaps for the past year you were able to pull off 1 hour meditations daily without fail and suddenly a shit-ton of work deadlines threw you off. Now you can throw yourself back on for only 1 minute a day! That’s sounds like a better deal than those 72 month 0% apr car financing offers.

Seriously Meditation for 1 Minute right now. I’ll shut up so you can do it.

Usually I do enjoy going into some of the science and other connections that the 1 Minute Meditation have… But that won’t help you, so I won’t spam more information just for the sake of sacrificing to the holy benevolent god we call SEO. What will help you is doing 1 Minute, at least 1 Time, each and every Day. Now a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes…

Magical Meditatation Horse


How not Caring about Manifestation will Speed Up your Manifestation

“Oh noes! If I don’t have that feather appear in exactly 24 hours 32 minutes and 6 seconds, I am doomed!”, screams the deep subconscious as you begin to desperately “Ask, Believe, and Receive”. Now don’t get me wrong, if you get super skilled, you can make a sparkly pink feather appear in exactly 24 hours 32 minutes and 6 seconds, but only if you get super skilled.

The first wall to dissolve for most people is finding something to manifest. You see, you need to find a desire that aligns with everything within your mind, heart, and soul. If any of those are not aligned, it will create resistance that will become part of the manifestation.

Parasitic Thoughts

What mostly happens when someone attempts to manifest a thought is that their other levels will attach a thought to that thought. Whenever you send a message, all aspects will send that message. If you think “I have a million dollars” consciously, “I need to work hard” subconsciously, and feel “poor”, then you will not manifest a million dollars at all. You also have your higher self which has beliefs.

More often than not, you will not really want a million dollars, you will want the things that generally are stereotypically associated with a million dollars. Maybe you want to not have to work as hard or have a lot of free time to hang out with friends and loved ones. Your higher self or what some like to refer to as a “superconscious” will prevent you from manifesting a million dollars because it is still echoing you having just enough money for such shenanigans.

This conflicted state is exacerbated when the conscious mind starts to scream louder in the manner that an infant cries for candy.

“I want a puppy” you ask. “Okay, I will get you puppy within the boundaries of your current conscious state”, replies the universe. “I don’t see puppy. I want puppy.”, you reply. “Okay, I will get you you wanting puppy.” “I don’t see puppy. I want puppy that is not here.” “Okay, I will get you you wanting a puppy that you don’t want to see.”

As you see, you do end up getting what you want. The universe reflected your state precisely and instantaneously.

For most people, their beliefs are so deeply ingrained that it would take a massive amount of effort to clear them in a timely manner. Another approach is to “bend the rules” and find loopholes within your belief system.

There is no order that is placed. But it’s a useful loophole for deeply ingrained beliefs of scarcity.

Hack your mind. Exploit the bugs πŸ™‚ I’m going to create an article title that.

For the thousandth time, you will now hear of the amazing analogy of “placing your order” for your manifestation to come to fruition. On the grand scale, it is utter bullshit, there is no imposed “buffer” for some shit to pop into existence. The only buffer is created is literally by your mind.

But the “placing your order” analogy is very useful because most people will have the belief that things take time to appear. For all our lives, we have observed the apples grow over the seasons, taking hours or even days to write that blog post, and others grinding away to an 8 to 5 job to obtain some income. Not only that, it takes two days for that online order to come in.

It is correct that you should not “spam” the order button. Because by spamming the order button, you affirm to yourself that you do not have said item. If I were to order some suspicious mankinis online, I don’t order another pair just because I don’t believe I don’t have them. No, I have the mankinis, the mankinis are on their way, and it is a matter of time that my friends will be questioning my life choices even further.

Now understand that it is important to understand that believing that this system of order placing is not necessary. It is merely an adaptation of current beliefs and shifts them in a manner that they allow manifestation to start happening. The order system itself is actually a parasitic belief that attaches itself and hinders that manifestation. What makes such a parasite useful is that it provides a better alternative to being stuck in a standstill for the meantime.

How to not care

Recently in fact, I found that manifesting things in this manner more and more. I would just vaguely think “wouldn’t it be awesome for this to happen today or whenever”, feel it go into the future and move on with my day. Suddenly, usually later that day, the thing I would ask for would appear out of the blue. Some of these things that I have asked had no certainty of happening like obtaining a fun job for the summer during the the job drop when 2020 said “it’s coronatime!”

It is very simple:

Just set it and forget it!

I think this quote already exists but whatever, it popped into my head. I usually read it in my head with a Brooklynite accent.

How to get started?

First, ask yourself, “what is something cool that could happen?” Place your hand on your heart and focus upon it. Bring up a memory of sometime when you had a happy surprise and a memory when you were in a “flow” state of happiness, if you don’t have such memories, use your imagination. Next, firmly wave your wand… Oops, wrong dimension. If it helps, do find a wand a wave it.

Second, see it vividly within your mind. And feel it strongly within your heart. What is happening from your point of view? What is the emotion that it brings you? How does the scene feel, taste, and smell? You should be seeing nothing short of awesomeness and feeling nothing short of pure love and joy.

Third, imagine the scene moving forward into your future. It will tell your subconscious to begin changing vibration. Eventually, you will not need it at all. Imagine your energy spreading throughout the earth. If you are feeling extra, give thanks for everything that you have already been given-sometimes it helps to skip this step as doing these extra things for some people are because they lack faith in their inherent abilities.

Fourth, literally stop giving a fuck. Just trust it is there. How do you feel that you have your hands? If you are a really thankful person, you are constantly aware of them. For a majority of people at the time of this writing, they don’t feel anything, “Okay, my hands are there. I wonder what I should have for lunch?” So you feel that you have that thing. For example, if you are trying(are) to manifest a good time, you would act as if you already had that good time in the future. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe it’s just there and you “cruise” on your thought.

Five, go about your day and not give a fuck. Go around town and order some lattes and tea. Frolick in the fields. Get kicked out of a store. Get kicked out of another store.

It’s really that simple, no trick.

Think of something cool, preferable from your heart. Set it and forget it. Let it go. It’s simpler than this last paragraph. Most importantly, have fun.

Person’s feet implying that they have let go and trust the universe.
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Anecdote Meditation

Random Driving: An Accidentally Discovered Exercise of Following the Heart

A majority of you are probably listening to spiritual youtubers(probably more so given this current era) and come across that annoying monthly Mindvalley advertisement πŸ˜‰ This month’s amazing advertisement came from Jeffrey Allen’s course on what I call “Doing cool shit with energy”. Usually I would hit the skip button because it’s an ad. As usual, the Universe decided to speak in many ways and this time it chose to speak through a Youtube Ad. It goes to show that nothing is inherently evil and everything still contains the divine spark that imbued it with existence and life.

Back to the topic, Jeffrey Allen spoke of “Following his heart no matter what” and the most amazing experiences that followed. He cites that his decision to follow his heart has led to his career of teaching meditation. Basically, he was given a promotion in his engineering company, but they couldn’t not afford to give me a pay raise. So his manager told him to simply ask for something else. So his heart told him to get roughly around a “month’s vacation paid” and the month of May off. When he went to see his friend, another friend came. Lo and behold she taught a spirituality class and needed someone else to teach. Lo and behold, she needed someone for the month of May.

The Universe does really know what to give to you if you let it. The Universe respects Free Will, you have the right to be unhappy.

Learning to navigate from within

Just yesterday I was doing some shenanigans with my friend and when he dropped me off, I realized that my backpack was left in his trunk. So I had to drive all the way back to his house which has a very very very suburban layout. It was the kind of neighborhood that had to tune the speed limit down to 25, but should really have it at 20 or even 15 given some of the crazy antics the roads do to comply with the terrain.

I have always used a GPS to go to his house. And I have only driver there twice without giving much attention to which turns-not that I had the option to.

I decided to try an experiment and simply drive to his place without a GPS(was it because I was feeling pretty lazy after an afternoon of chilling? Likely). So I stood before the labyrinth and started moving. For some reason, my heart told me to take a left instead of right. The only thing I remember was that the GPS would tell me to go right. I followed.

The roads were unfamiliar and the terrain made me feel hostage but I refused to turn on the GPS. I simply felt that I should take this road or that. I could even feel alternative routes.

The interesting things is that I intended to use my heart and not just my mental instincts. I could feel that I should just take that turn and everything would be alright.

I make it to his house and get the backpack, had a nice short talk and started to head home. Getting outside of his neighborhood is generally harder than getting inside. It’s only of those places where the roads look completely different when you go the other way on them. Nevertheless, I made it in with my heart, perhaps I would make it out.

Just the same way, I felt which turns to take and when I should make them. It is rather odd both known what to do and feeling completely clueless at the same time.

Falling from grace

I decided to continue the exercise and start driving around to see some beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I started overanalyzing and started getting further from being in tune with my heart and head to turn back.

To follow your heart is a rather delicate thing. You have to be there, but not be there too much. You have to let it speak(well, let you speak). You have to shut up(your mind) and see what infinite wisdom awaits you.

Basic Gist

This is a very simple exercise. Just go drive around and intend to go somewhere. Maybe you want to see a beautiful scene of nature or come across a lemon tree(when life gives you lemons). Perhaps you want to find a good restaurant or come across a friend or be at the right place at the right time for something amazing to happen.

Then take a deep breath, silence you mind and feel from your heart. You’ll feel a certain tug to a certain road. Don’t analyze it, just follow it. The moment you start analyzing and second guessing yourself, you are losing your connection with the wisdom of the heart.

Since you are no longer navigating what is likely unfamiliar roads with the wisdom of the heart, you should probably use your mind or a GPS and call it a day. The more you practice, the more skilled you will become at following your heart.

Also, if your “heart” tells you to crash the car, for the love of all, double check! Chances are you’re not diving deep enough. Expect to have a pull to go down that unfamiliar road, you might discover something beautiful.

Life is a Highway

Life is like a really long drive. There are so many crossroads, highways and hazards. Despite the power of the GPS and the mind, it is best to simply follow your heart from a state of love because it will lead you to more love. As you forge on and gain experience, you will be able to drive yourself in daily life where everything just works perfectly. Even things that bug you turn out to be a blessing in disguised-even that blown radiator cap.

Cool public domain picture sources:
Awesome highway into the Amazing Sun
Cool pic of road with sun


The Universe is your Mirror: The overlooked simplicity of Manifestation

It is common fact that whatever you think will become true. It is also common fact that most people who try think things into existence will fail to their disappointment. The act of manifestation is quite simple. You wield massive power over your domain of your experience. What you experience is literally the manifestation of your conscious state.

The Universe is your Mirror.

Likely too simple for ya

“Hippy Bullshit!” most people will cry. Tears streaming down their face as their dreams of flying on a broomstick at Hogwarts are shattered. Attempts to win the lottery end up costing more overpriced Starbucks Lattes than caffeine addicts would ever spend in their lifetime. What was an investment in expensive manifestation courses became a loss in both time, money, and mental stability.

Why you rock at manifestation suck at intentional manifestation

The term “thoughts” generally indicate the presence of an idea within the conscious Mind. Most people tend to overlook the subconscious level. Even if someone were to think that they were invited to Howarts to fly broomsticks and defeat dark lords, they would utterly fail because the subconscious deems such as bullshit.

The basic gist goes:

  1. Conscious says “I can fly”
  2. Subconscious says “gravity.”

Ultimately, the “message” that is “sent” to the universe is “I think I can fly, but gravity won’t let me.” As the universe says, “Your wish is my command.” Congratulations! You have instantly manifested your thoughts!

Most people will then attempt to amplify their conscious thoughts even louder in hopes of reaching the universe. The issue with that is everyone has infinitely powerful and instantaneous access to such powers, so there is no room nor place to go upwards to.

You cannot ignore the rest of consciousness and expect cool shit to happen

You just can’t.

Like literally

Imagine trying to walk forward with your left foot while walking backwards with your right foot. You end up in the same spot-usually with more pain. Both the conscious and subconscious must be on the same page. If they are not, you will end up doing the splits.

The Mind is not the only aspect of your consciousness.

You have the Heart and the Soul. Usually, you have a Higher Self and a Lower Self. You must first realize what you really are. Soon, you being to realize that you are One with the entire fucking universe itself.

“Limits” of manifestation

As there are multiple “units” of consciousness(in truth a single One), each “unit” of consciousness possess infinite power. However, “what if one unit of consciousness wants the entire universe to be something different than another?”

Two different “experiences” will not occur within neither the same space nor the same time. As each “unit” of consciousness has individual freedom, one unit of consciousness cannot subjugate another unit of consciousness to an experience that the other would not give permission to?
So why can people beat each other on the streets? Because on the deep level, the consciousness has given permission to live by such rules of physics-which consequently enables others to beat others up without obtaining the Conscious Permission.

If you were to adjust your consciousness to a state where you did not give any permission to anyone to beat you up, you would not be beaten up.

The Issue is not Manifestation, but shifting your Consciousness to a desired state.

For most people, now the formerly spiritual exercise of Manifestation has become a “psychological” one. Meditation will be your friend. Deep seated blockages can be dealt with. The Dark Wall Meditation is a nice one to start with. All that matters is that you start shifting and exploring deeper levels of yourself.

You will find out that you made choices long ago that you have forgotten. You will find what you truly want. You will be free from the limited Conscious Mind. All aspects of your consciousness will be one day found. With such unity, mountains will move for you. In the meantime, enjoy the challenge.