Dark Wall Meditation

Often in life we come across some form of blockage whether it is from tragedy, people not liking us, and not winning the lottery. These blockages embed themselves deep into the mind. The only way to release yourself from these blockages is to uproot them yourself. And the only way to uproot them is to venture deep into the Mariana’s Trench.


One of the most overlooked things in meditation is being ready to do the meditation itself. Most will put on their headphones and then think about the ongoing day and other drama. It is time to go into the inner world, not the realm of Cheesecake Riots and Screaming. Trust me, it’s a lot more peaceful and fun.

Generally you will want to be reclined if not sitting up. Most people tend to fall asleep when lying down as the human mind is conditioned to sleep because that’s what people do when lying down.

Be away from distractions. Uninstall the social media if you have to. Close the windows. Tell everyone that you’re taking a small vacation from this bullshit and you’re probably goinig to end up operation on a higher frequency where you won’t be phased by said bullshit. Give mom and dad a hug ect. Turn off the television, burn it if you have to. If you are hungry, the energy systems generally tend to flow wayyy better without food as energy is not spent on digesting said food(read New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce or watch his videos, they legitimately work surprisingly fast).

Most importantly: Send gratitude to the universe for the opportunity of personal growth.

Entering Deeper States

In order to go into the subconscious levels, you need to get there. If you were to simply perform the bulk of the meditation in your everyday state, you would not do much. It is like trying to buy from the grocery store without driving there in the first place. You can call for the cashier all you want, but that cashier’s still going to be 5 miles away. In the future teleportation will be all the rage.

Begin by focusing on your amazing body. Appreciate it-that’s the only way beauty will grow if you are insecure about how you look. Feel the amazing complexity that mother nature has gifted us. Each muscle and bone and blood vessel. Feel the deep energy currents running constantly day by day.

Imagine that each muscle is now relaxing to the fullest. If you cannot imagine the negative energy being converted into positive energy, release it. Let the negative energy be dispersed and be converted by the abundance of positive energy around you.

Let the energy coarse through your body and relax you even further. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper…

Dissolving the Blockages

You are now in the deep state. What do you see? Can you see any walls before you? The walls represent your blockages. If you cannot see any walls can you feel any walls? Try asking for light to be shown. Is there a massive all before you? A bunch of smaller ones? It doesn’t matter-all the matters is that those walls are going to be dissolved today.

Are those walls dark and grimy with dull energy? Are they firey and angry? Do you find yourself in a black void? Is the black void filled with love? Or is the black void filled with fear and things out to get you?

Go to a wall and feel how negative it is but also feel the trapped positive energy around and within it just waiting to get out. Feel a warm light around you-any color that you wish-and touch a wall. Feel the warmth dissolving the wall and converting the negative energy to positive. Feel the flow of energy becoming restored.

Go to each wall and dissolve them. You may start seeing visions of why the walls were put there in the first place. These visions may be intense. Now is not the time to run, go forth and deal with them. If not, feel free to deal with them later.

If you are feeling confident, don’t just visualize, but feel the energy surging out of you hands. Point your hands to a wall and watch the energy take the wall away. Feel the released positive energy around you and an increase flow. I usually perceive this as a strong wind. As the walls dissolve, more light will come and you may or may not find yourself in a beautiful scene of nature.


Once you are satisfied with your session. Send gratitude to the universe once again and imagine yourself flying high above the scene. Feel energy rushing throughout your body. You feel energized and cannot sit any longer! Sit up! (Maybe not too fast or else you might see “stars”) Stretch your wonderful body. Send gratitude to it. If you have not cleared all of the blockages, be thankful that you have cleared some. If you have not cleared any, be thankful that you know how to move forward. If you don’t know that you have blockages, you likely did not read this meditation thoroughly and should probably do so.

How do you feel? More free? More focused? More in tune with life and happiness? Try to carry that-for most-unfamiliar feeling throughout the day. Things may start happening for you left and right 😉

Wall Picture

Personal Growth

Amazing Alternatives to the 2020 3rd Dimensional Shit Show: Higher Dimensional Methods of Chilling Part 1: Discussions

“I want a refund”, I initially thought to myself when the year 2020 disintegrated into utter chaos. What would be a smooth year of smooth sailing and smooth graduating turned into a hectic hell of one global event after the other. Not only is there a pandemic, there is now a culture war raging, and do you know what is the best approach to such? Do what everyone does when the floor is lava: Seek higher ground*cough*frequencies*cough*

Yes, it’s a 3rd dimensional shit show.

Imagine all the drama(yes, that includes every side that is participating) as a literal shit show of shit being thrown around in the shittiest manner. I know there’s a shit ton of profanity in this already.

A lot of problems are being made for the sake of “starting a conversation” and even more problems are being made to address the destruction that has desecrated the data. And then the other side is being beaten up and so on.

I would not fathom to live to the day when leaders have exceeded the drama of pop stars. And for kicking and screaming-something attributed to babies-to be commonplace for adults.

This post is not to side with any 3rd dimensional side or the other. It’s all a shit show.

I have beliefs and you have beliefs but that’s not the point. The point is:

You don’t have to join the 3rd dimensional shit show.

Everyone in the history of everything has desired to enact change in order to reconfigure their environment to match their heart’s desire.

When we were cavemen banging sticks together for fun and survival, we took nature and changed it. As we moved forward in time, we began taking the animals and changing them-turning wolves into dogs. As time went on, we would move from making houses with our bare hands to utilizing massive machinery to lift millions of tons of stone and steel to craft skyscrapers.

Yes, there is validity in using bare hands and banging two rocks together to make a knife. But it is a rather crude method. And when such crude methods are being relied upon to cause massive change for an entire planet, it probably is not the wisest of choices.

Debate has been a time honored method of uncovering the truth. It was a massive upgrade from beating the hell out of anyone who disagrees with you or threatening to use force.

In scarcer times with scarcer consciousness, desperation was an underlying vibration. There was no time to talk, both parties had to agree quickly or else be swept by other forces in the process. If that meant beating up, stealing from, and killing the other human being, so be it.

As time progressed, there would be more opportunities to talk with one’s neighbor. There would be more time allotted to disagree with each other. As scarcity died, Debate was borne. No longer would you need to(immediately) kill the dissenters to your opinion. Now you were able to exchange ideas and have them fight head on head in a mental cage fight. Similar to how lynchings were executed by a mob using the “I kill dissenters” method, protests would become a rather rough form of debate.

But debate means that at the end, one party wins and the other loses. In the greater scsheme of thingss, no one really wins or loses, not even the overpowered alliance of Time and Death. There is Ego within the Debate format. There is still the low vibration of “I’m right and you’re wrong.” Even though both parties are closer to each other, there is still division sowed.

The Higher Dimensional Method of Chilling: The difference between Debate and Discussion and why we should Discuss things instead of Debate over them.

Welcome to the realm of discussion where ideas flow both sacred and profane(even though nothing is ever inherently sacred or profane, save for the consciousness that perceives whether it stems from division or Unity(Source) consciousness)

If anyone has failed to notice, the main vibration of 2020 at the moment is a “You must agree with me” and that “I am right and you’re wrong.” There are constant shots being fired over and over by both sides. Sometimes physical death does occur, but spiritual growth is essentially “yeeted”

By having an immense focus on “I’m right and you’re wrong”, division is sown. By having the ideal that you yourself or some group of people(any group) is “more correct” than another, you are separating yourselves from unity.

We don’t have to agree with each other to be friends. Interestingly enough, we don’t have to disagree to be enemies.

Random Thought

A kew feature that I mentioned on Debate was a “flow of information.” However, there is not much “reception of information.” What most people will do in a Debate is simply talk and not listen at all. And if they are desperate they will start screaming and then kicking and then even more dense stuff.

Discussions always will have listening along with speaking.

No more will there be the negative “I am right and you are wrong” frequency being tossed around like a hot smartphone on the verge of explosion due to an ill-fated android update. What will dominate the exchange is the vibration of

I have something cool to share with you and I can’t wait to see what you have to share with me.

The Shill Vibe of Discussion

Just because they have listened does not mean they will change to your side. In an untimely twist, you might have strengthened their beliefs. But that doesn’t matter because at least growth did occur and you learned of a new idea-even if it was shitty.

Some of the hardest things to do is to listen to those who you disagree of very much. It is also very hard to listen to an idea without attempting to refute it immediately-which is a necessity in a debate. You see, ther eis value in letting that idea pass gently into your consciousness, and if it is shitty, you now know one more thing not to do.

But Debates are fun because you get those OOOHHH moments

I myself still enjoy debates. But I now have a choice. No longer will engaging someone who does not believe in what I believe feel like a competition. No longer will I feel under pressure to performto keep my “reputation” up for the sake of meager social gain. No longer will I have to be divided from the other party.

It is okay to playfight and engage in lower dimensional things. There are lessons to learn and there is a thrill that higher dimensions simply cannot provide. There is also comfort and chill that the lower dimensions simply cannot provide either. You need both. Most people in this era however has already overindulged in the lower stuff. I guess that’s why people are trying to get so high so much.

Even though I don’t stomach violence too well and am against using it especially with the knowledge of more effective and very very very less painful higher dimensional methods, I do enjoy playing CSGO and guns are really fucking cool. There’s a reason why the 80s produced Rambo and the Terminator. Did I mention dynamite?

Of course, such lower dimensional things should not be taken into lower and darker vibrations. And the power of Love literally exceeds any firearm, nuke, or doomsday device so why not use such ultimate power for causing change?

Everyone wants to be heard

If you ever do find yourself in a discussion that you intend to have an audience, set the example-as monkey see monkey do(usually). Never silence anyone just because you find them stupid, brash, or even obscene/hateful(depending on which buzzword your side likes to use) for they will just get even louder.

Of course, engaging with such negativity is not a necessity. Everyone is learning in this on hell of a multidimensional planet. If it is not their time to head back up, give them time to roll in the mud. They will eventually learn without any need for you to scream nor kick. Simply set the higher example from where there is neither resistance nor division. Plus, there’s flying cars and broomsticks up there!

The Public Domain Images I don’t have to give credit to but here they are:

Train of Thought

An irrelevant first post in a only relatively relevant blog by an irrelevant unit consciousness.

I have decided to use the cliche rising sun picture as this is the first post of the Interdimensional Imbecile, it is rather insignificantly significant. I do hope you appreciate I took time to find one with water which alludes to that one Bible verse and general symbolism. There are mountains which also give more meaning. I guess this picture is not so cliche after all.

It will not garner as much views as I would like to have at the moment as I have just started. In Kung Fu Panda, it was stated that “there is now a level 0”, I feel like I am at level negative 1. Because there is nothing much to be said on this post anymore, allow me to ellaborate on the mundane history of this website.

I started this website out of a desire to make some car payments when I go into college given the lack of time for a job. One should not throw their youth away to grow up even faster as it is much easier to act older when young than be young when older. Hopefully the technology or mysticism will discover a way to break the cycle. Nevertheless, these mortal bonds despite being fun would not cause too much loss as the consciousness goes on. It is still quite rude to kick someone off the Minecraft server unfortunately.

How I got into this mess


I realized that of the content that I could post was content on Spirituality. I began my journey in the summer after 4th grade after I read an article of “How ESP works” on I was hooked and attempted to learn telekinesis and learned about some communiities that have developed methods(or at least visualizations) for creating energy balls and launching them at your foes.

My obsession was only intensified with the reading of Harry Potter where I desired to be an auror. To my dismay, I did not recieve a letter from Hogwarts when I was 11.

The art of channeling massive amounts of energy and getting it to the proper resonance to achieve such antics have all but been obscured by fluff and secrecy. It is also because the ability to levitate and perform other “miracles” are simply side effects of becoming more spiritual. Basically, “Those who can, do not care that they can.” There are greater rewards of seemingly Disney Cheese such as “inner peace”, “love”, and “the ability to ‘follow your heart’ to the fullest”.

During Middle School I would continue in pursuit of achieving such abilities. Eventually I came across Spirit Science which introduced me formally to what was formerly known was the “New Age” community but there is not really a name. You know us from the crystals, the pendulum, the tarot cards, loving nature and whatnot. An intersting aspect was that I was in a Catholic Youth Group at the time.

I did push back and desired to exact revenge, but revenge is not really worth it, and it also takes too much effort and resources, and people could just agree to disagree. Sure, it may be hard, but I do find Catholicism rather beautiful. And I do have friends whose opinions are quite the opposite from where I stand.

Where I stand now is rather weird for most of those reading this blog, well not given the target audience. I don’t stand on a side necessarily, I just stand on higher vibrations and having fun. I do not know where exactly that can be pinned on a “political/ideological alignment chart” if even possible at all.

I would watch Spirit Science and learn from Drunvalo Melchizedek and Robert Bruce-whose work in energy manipulation and kundalini is quite underrated. We have also seem to have forgetten about the “Sacred Space of the Heart.” unfortunately.

Did I fail to mention at one “Secret” movie?

I could go on and on about my influences. But I’m not a parrot. You will see all these great people who have went high in spirituality and they did not just ctrl+c ctrl+v whoever was the big kahuna of their time. Yes, they did listen, but they also sought for themselves original information. They experimented and took risks and were thus rewarded greatly. To lead for the sake of leading is bullshit, to follow for the sake of following is also bullshit as well. There appears to be some ancient knowledge that has been lost but has been brought forth into the consciousness of the fortunate few: Collaboration.

How I got the idea of the “Interdimensional Imbecile”

One of the “rebels” in what I call the “spiritual community” that I have met is Landria Onkka. She was the one who posted that famous video of “Manifesting without the Law of Attraction.” To some, her content presentation may be rather off-kitler and she could probably afford a better mic and webcam.

But the content of the knowledge that she shared was revolutionary and put into words what most simply felt in their hearts so a world of minds could hear the message of the soul.

I never thought about money until recently when I have started the process of acquiring a car. I do have a nice job but I am going into college in a month and a half. I do not intend of wasting too much of my youth on grinding for essays-those come easily for me however a job on top of college would leave me little time for getting illegally drunk under the lampshade and fucking bitches all night long-just kidding, I’m a fitness junkie and I’m gay.

I have never really seen myself as an ultimate source of information. Although I did have a really large ego in the past like other elementary school aged children tend to have. As I went deeper into the rabbit hole(or deeper into the wikipedia links if you want to use a more modern phrase) I realized the infinte amount of information and growth ahead of me which is why I say:

I am eternally a fool no matter how wise I may seem. And chances are, so are you.


As the nature of this blog is of spiritual matters and how they interact with the material realm, the term interdimensional came to mind-“imbecile” quickly followed suit.

Images I don’t have to cite because their public domain but they so good I will: