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Be not Afraid: Why Death is your Friend

The mysterious fortune teller lady from the Hollywood Movie realm magically spreads her cards. She arranges them in a familiar cross pattern and slowly turns over the card. “Your first card…”, she begins dramatically. The card in the center is overturned. It is a skull. “Death.”
“Oh shit o shit shit shit shit shit!”, you frantically scream as you attempt to make your way out of the dim parlor.

The ridiculous amount of incense both cloud your vision-and your smell. You feel nauseous… Maybe too nauseous as you finally feel the antique door. You can feel her eyes digging into your soul… Perhaps some ancient Gypsy Magic that has been passed down from generation to generation. “I don’t want your gypsy magic anymore!”, you scream. “I’m from California”, her croaky voice replies, “And my relatives were from Sweden.”

Most people are sensibly afraid of Death. Life is so awesome and has many things to offer. You have trees, the physical Sun, the wind, taxes, bills, jobs, cute doggos, aggressive doggos, psychic doggos, and hippies. Not many of us has ever contact those who have gone from this material realm and there lies the possibility that such contacts are merely the product of “human imagination”.

It may surprise you at first, but my favorite Tarot card is Death itself.

Wtf bro. How are you still alive to type this shit?

At least 50% of readers.

What is Death in the First Place?

Have you ever stopped to think what exactly death is? Chances are, probably not. Most likely you see death as rotten, decaying bodies. You see skulls, bones and grimp reapers. Perhaps you have lost someone you dearly loved to Death. Death is a cruel god. Perhaps you see Death as uncertainty. Will you go to Heaven? Or Hell? Is there even a Heaven or Hell? Or do you just cease to experience anything and become literally Nothing-something that is quite impossible for anyone to truly imagine being. Fortunately for you, those deal with the Afterlife(if such exists you think), we’re going to focus on our good ol’ friend Death.

“Our elders do not despise the new. It is because they mourn the end of their era, their world.”

Deep thought I had

Death is Merely the End of Something

Given the mortal nature of our bodies(due to our belief processes), Death is mostly associated with the end of life. We do not see it only in ourselves but in other species. When our ancestors hunted wild animals, they saw what was conscious suddenly become the likes of the stones that they had tread upon. Even the trees eventually die on their own. Is there no limit to what Death can touch?

Death is not limited to what is classically regarded as “alive”. Everything, even abstract concepts, are subject to Death. When humans entered the Earth it was the Death of an era of the ultimate rule of Nature over the Earth(although we should learn to work with Nature as Nature knows how to always win in the end). When we learned to farm and domesticate, our days of hunting and gathering virtually met Death. As we began creating machines such as wheels and irrigation, the age of having to spend so much effort on manual labor began walking towards Death. Even though we still have societies to this day that hunt and gather as well as perform only manual labor without any machinations, to the rest of society, such antique aspects of life are ultimately Dead.

The Death of something is not entirely bad

As we learn and grow, certain things become old and become blockages. The only thing we can do is to release and let them go. Sometimes it is sad to see such familiar things fade away. Recently, I was contemplating my childhood as I graduated High School. I saw what I would leave behind and what I would keep. Of course, has I have changed, so has those things and thus have went through Death.

It may be an odd way of seeing Death, but think of those annoying TV shows that you watched. Sure, other shows were and still are timeless classics such as Jacob Two Two and Rupert(only those who did not have cable will understand), but I can guarantee with a hand sanitizer 99.99% accuracy that there is a show that you cannot be paid to sit and watch(like Barney and Friends). I think we can agree that the Death of those days is a good thing.

Death has it’s time-do not go gung ho with Death plz

I hope that you have read through this article because I would like to make it super duper chocolately clear that this article is not advocate killing yourself or someone else. If you have already grabbed the butcher knife, please note that I had emphasized that Death has a side other than the death of biological life!

Death has a deeper side and is not limited to biological life!


But do not go bringing Death to things in your life that don’t need Death. If things are going well and you are satisfied, there is no need to “throw the console with the video games(or the “baby with the bathwater” if you’re from the older generations).

However, if you do need to end something in your life. Then now is the time-but be very sure. If you have a releationship that is simply not meant to be and you have tried to manifeset it getting better but the otheer person is not willing to hep improve it the only way is the Death of the Relationship(not the person, put the knife down). If you are in a terrible job and you have an opportunity or an amazing business idea that your Heart(true heart, not just “I feel”, but the one of LOVE, and not hate.), then it is time for the Death of the Job(and not your boss. Maybe they’ll bring Death to their era of being a shitty boss, but they can’t if they’re not alive so put down the katana and chill).

But still work with it

Death may seem like a scary thing. It “takes” away your loved ones and “demolishes” all that you have worked for. Death is not the end! It is merely the transition. What is necessarily for Birth, and a New Life.

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