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Beauty of the Night: How to Overcome Fear

One of the most common associations with Night is negativity. There are shadows and darkness and things the creep and crawl. People that literally creep and crawl. Danger around every corner. It is not safe to be outside. You hide in your home with hope that no one will try to break in. You sleep restlessly in the Night in your most vulnerable position.

Why I find the Night beautiful

Other than Dusk and Dawn, I find the Night being more beautiful than Day. When you are with civilization, there are a multitude of sights to see and sounds to hear. People are still out and about having a good time. When driving on the Interstate, the sections with lights are look marvelous. Usually there are just enough people with you driving to keep the darker sections lit without overcrowding the road.

It may seem foolish to walk out at night but there is no heat to beat you down in the summertime. Without the hustle and bustle of the Day, there is a certain sense of peace that overwhelms the soul. As mankind goes to sleep, Nature stays awake. If there was any true “City that doesn’t sleep”, it would be Nature’s kingdom.

A song that would describe a peaceful walk at night would be Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments”. It also goes well with Dusk and Dawn. (This is not an affiliate embed nor my Youtube channel. I make no money off of it. If anything, I am reward with joy for sharing such a chill song with you ^_^)

What about the Danger?

If you are in a state of true love and happiness and alignment at the same time, there is nothing that can harm you. I have not had anything bad happen to me walking outside alone at night. I know there are stories of other people, but those people are neither me nor you. It is one of the most remarkable experiences to “sense” everything around you being filled with love. Even in a dark alleyway there will be peace.

It’s not that the Universe has your back, the Universe is simply providing you with the experience that you have set your consciousness to. If you think about a Beautiful Night you get a Beautiful Night, if you think Spooky Night, then you will get a Spooky Night with Spooky Skeletons and Shivers Down your Spine. (Don’t forget about the Shrieking Skulls that Shock you Soul… And seal your Doom tonight).

Why there is still Fear of the Night

I will be honest that when you first go out at Night alone, there are so many things that look like something could be hiding there. There’s trees, dark alleyways, trashcans, and really sharp corners. It is deeply ingrained within our genetics:

We needed fear to survive lower dimensional consciousness, but we are evolving far beyond that.

What a study on mice says about men

Interestingly, a study done on mice scientifically proved that fearful beliefs can be passed from parent to child without having the child to have the same experience in the child. It involved mice and has yet to be performed on humans(given the nature of the experiment, it needs to be modified so it may be ethically carried out). On the other hand, if mice-which do share similarities with humans-(and thus are the choice of animal test subjects)-are able to pass down fears through generations genetically, it does point out that so can humans.

Even if it is not genetic, fear is still passed down through generations

It is not yet apparent that our fears are passed through our very DNA; however, our very culture, our Consciousness, does have fears ingrained that are taught from parent to child. It makes sense, a society educating their chidren on how to survive.

Moving past outdated lower dimensional fears

You do not need to fear the Night. There is is a Hidden Beauty that is available to you without any danger. As you shift your consciousness into higher realms of peace and love, all threats begin to fade away. Beause you resonate so strongly on Beauty and Awesome Shit, then nothing that doesn’t resonate on that vibration can come close to you.

If you do have any resonance of Unwanted Danger, then the Universe will dutifully bring to you what you have told it to bring to you.

It is usually a long process to work out deep beliefs. I myself am still in that process. The general steps go like this:

  1. Realize you have a fear or outdated belief
  2. Begin to contemplate upon it. Send it love and thank it for the lesson
  3. Release the belief without any resistance.
  4. 1-3 Wash, rinse, repeat.

Of course, even though these steps are simple, the execution of even step 1 can be difficult.

Step 1 in Detail

What beliefs do you have right now? Which beliefs serve you? Which ones hold you back. Make a list of possible beliefs if you are not sure. Did you ever have a good moment or wwanted to do something you knew that was good but then your mind hindered you? That’s likely a detrimental belief. Choose one for Step 2.

Step 2 in Detail

Why do you have this belief? Was there an experience that led you to support it? Can you reevaluate such experience? If you don’t know, is there any reason to support the belief? What 3rd Dimensional reasons justify such blieffs? What 4th and 5th Dimensional reasons can you think of? Is the belief out of Love? Can you find a way to turn the belief into Love?

Step 3 in Detail

Are there any reasons to keep this belief? Fear has no true power. It only appears to have power. The only power fear has is power that you have. It is now time to reclaim that power. Let the fear go. Fear is Blockage and thus meditation can be used to overcome and transcend such.

Step 4 in Detail

Letting go of Fear can be a taxing thing. If you need to take a break, by all means take a break. You already have a list from Step 1. If you don’t, you either have cleared all your fears or have some deeper ones. In time they will surface-you can also go deeper towards them.

Be not afraid of that Good Night

I was going to write a general conclusion but I just had an idea for a poem

Be not afraid of That Good Night
Be not afraid of That Good Night!
Do not fear Darkness, Shadows, and Things that Fright…

Although you may desire to see the Light
You may find it within…
On that Good Night.


Mesh fence


Why the 1 Minute Meditation is the Most Powerful Meditation

Meditation is a diverse topic. There are breathing meditations, walking meditations, chakra meditations, even more chakra meditations, and more breathing meditations, and Mer Ka Ba meditations, astral projection meditations, manifestation meditations… Surely, there ought to be a meditation that is the “one to rule them all”.

Say Hello to the 1 Minute Meditation: Breath Edition

  1. Set the timer to 1 minute or 1 minute and 5 seconds to give yourself time to get into position.
  2. Press the start button(duh)
  3. Close your eyes and position yourself quickly in a relaxed manner.
  4. Do the following steps with gentle focus to the breath.
  5. Breathe in deeply.
  6. Breathe out slowly.
  7. If you have any thoughts, let them play but do not engage. It’s like that annoying sibling. They’re grabbing you by the shirt and wanting you to play some My Little Pony games. Don’t engage with them, just keep doing what you are doing and it will pass 🙂
  8. If you do want to play My Little Pony, surely you can wait 1 minute 😉
  9. Keep doing steps 6-8 until the timer rings.
  10. Do this meditation at a given time every day. I’m pretty sure 1 minute will not ruin any antics that you do in the morning.

So… Just focus on my fucking breath for 1 minute? I want my money back.

Most people reading this

Of all the meditations that I have experimented with, the 1 Minute Meditation is powerful not only in its effect but its versatility. You don’t have to focus on your breath. You can do each chakra rather quickly or simply send energy to the Earth or the Stars or the Universe. You can imagine yourself being cleansed of dark energy by visualizing light! Mentally burst through one or more “walls”… You can even attain some sort of inner wisdom by speaking with Unicycle Frog. “Anything goes”, as they say 🙂

The Importance of 1 Minute

Okay, so it’s basically just any meditation that is done within 1 minute. That’s the most half-assed meditation I have ever encountered. Surely 30 minutes would have a greater effect!

Most people reading this

It is very important that the meditation is done within 1 minute. The that lies within doing a meditation within a minute is that it sets the requirement for completing said meditation very minimal. If you are a beginner, how well can you stick to a 1 hour regimen every day? Over half of you(including me in the past), would not last a single day.

There is no point in meditation for 30 minutes a day if it does not happen!

It’s a Magical Meditation Horse Charlie!

Also, some of you might have “fallen off the Cosmic Meditation Horse”. Perhaps for the past year you were able to pull off 1 hour meditations daily without fail and suddenly a shit-ton of work deadlines threw you off. Now you can throw yourself back on for only 1 minute a day! That’s sounds like a better deal than those 72 month 0% apr car financing offers.

Seriously Meditation for 1 Minute right now. I’ll shut up so you can do it.

Usually I do enjoy going into some of the science and other connections that the 1 Minute Meditation have… But that won’t help you, so I won’t spam more information just for the sake of sacrificing to the holy benevolent god we call SEO. What will help you is doing 1 Minute, at least 1 Time, each and every Day. Now a deep breath, relax, and close your eyes…

Magical Meditatation Horse

Anecdote Meditation

Random Driving: An Accidentally Discovered Exercise of Following the Heart

A majority of you are probably listening to spiritual youtubers(probably more so given this current era) and come across that annoying monthly Mindvalley advertisement 😉 This month’s amazing advertisement came from Jeffrey Allen’s course on what I call “Doing cool shit with energy”. Usually I would hit the skip button because it’s an ad. As usual, the Universe decided to speak in many ways and this time it chose to speak through a Youtube Ad. It goes to show that nothing is inherently evil and everything still contains the divine spark that imbued it with existence and life.

Back to the topic, Jeffrey Allen spoke of “Following his heart no matter what” and the most amazing experiences that followed. He cites that his decision to follow his heart has led to his career of teaching meditation. Basically, he was given a promotion in his engineering company, but they couldn’t not afford to give me a pay raise. So his manager told him to simply ask for something else. So his heart told him to get roughly around a “month’s vacation paid” and the month of May off. When he went to see his friend, another friend came. Lo and behold she taught a spirituality class and needed someone else to teach. Lo and behold, she needed someone for the month of May.

The Universe does really know what to give to you if you let it. The Universe respects Free Will, you have the right to be unhappy.

Learning to navigate from within

Just yesterday I was doing some shenanigans with my friend and when he dropped me off, I realized that my backpack was left in his trunk. So I had to drive all the way back to his house which has a very very very suburban layout. It was the kind of neighborhood that had to tune the speed limit down to 25, but should really have it at 20 or even 15 given some of the crazy antics the roads do to comply with the terrain.

I have always used a GPS to go to his house. And I have only driver there twice without giving much attention to which turns-not that I had the option to.

I decided to try an experiment and simply drive to his place without a GPS(was it because I was feeling pretty lazy after an afternoon of chilling? Likely). So I stood before the labyrinth and started moving. For some reason, my heart told me to take a left instead of right. The only thing I remember was that the GPS would tell me to go right. I followed.

The roads were unfamiliar and the terrain made me feel hostage but I refused to turn on the GPS. I simply felt that I should take this road or that. I could even feel alternative routes.

The interesting things is that I intended to use my heart and not just my mental instincts. I could feel that I should just take that turn and everything would be alright.

I make it to his house and get the backpack, had a nice short talk and started to head home. Getting outside of his neighborhood is generally harder than getting inside. It’s only of those places where the roads look completely different when you go the other way on them. Nevertheless, I made it in with my heart, perhaps I would make it out.

Just the same way, I felt which turns to take and when I should make them. It is rather odd both known what to do and feeling completely clueless at the same time.

Falling from grace

I decided to continue the exercise and start driving around to see some beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, I started overanalyzing and started getting further from being in tune with my heart and head to turn back.

To follow your heart is a rather delicate thing. You have to be there, but not be there too much. You have to let it speak(well, let you speak). You have to shut up(your mind) and see what infinite wisdom awaits you.

Basic Gist

This is a very simple exercise. Just go drive around and intend to go somewhere. Maybe you want to see a beautiful scene of nature or come across a lemon tree(when life gives you lemons). Perhaps you want to find a good restaurant or come across a friend or be at the right place at the right time for something amazing to happen.

Then take a deep breath, silence you mind and feel from your heart. You’ll feel a certain tug to a certain road. Don’t analyze it, just follow it. The moment you start analyzing and second guessing yourself, you are losing your connection with the wisdom of the heart.

Since you are no longer navigating what is likely unfamiliar roads with the wisdom of the heart, you should probably use your mind or a GPS and call it a day. The more you practice, the more skilled you will become at following your heart.

Also, if your “heart” tells you to crash the car, for the love of all, double check! Chances are you’re not diving deep enough. Expect to have a pull to go down that unfamiliar road, you might discover something beautiful.

Life is a Highway

Life is like a really long drive. There are so many crossroads, highways and hazards. Despite the power of the GPS and the mind, it is best to simply follow your heart from a state of love because it will lead you to more love. As you forge on and gain experience, you will be able to drive yourself in daily life where everything just works perfectly. Even things that bug you turn out to be a blessing in disguised-even that blown radiator cap.

Cool public domain picture sources:
Awesome highway into the Amazing Sun
Cool pic of road with sun


Dark Wall Meditation

Often in life we come across some form of blockage whether it is from tragedy, people not liking us, and not winning the lottery. These blockages embed themselves deep into the mind. The only way to release yourself from these blockages is to uproot them yourself. And the only way to uproot them is to venture deep into the Mariana’s Trench.


One of the most overlooked things in meditation is being ready to do the meditation itself. Most will put on their headphones and then think about the ongoing day and other drama. It is time to go into the inner world, not the realm of Cheesecake Riots and Screaming. Trust me, it’s a lot more peaceful and fun.

Generally you will want to be reclined if not sitting up. Most people tend to fall asleep when lying down as the human mind is conditioned to sleep because that’s what people do when lying down.

Be away from distractions. Uninstall the social media if you have to. Close the windows. Tell everyone that you’re taking a small vacation from this bullshit and you’re probably goinig to end up operation on a higher frequency where you won’t be phased by said bullshit. Give mom and dad a hug ect. Turn off the television, burn it if you have to. If you are hungry, the energy systems generally tend to flow wayyy better without food as energy is not spent on digesting said food(read New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce or watch his videos, they legitimately work surprisingly fast).

Most importantly: Send gratitude to the universe for the opportunity of personal growth.

Entering Deeper States

In order to go into the subconscious levels, you need to get there. If you were to simply perform the bulk of the meditation in your everyday state, you would not do much. It is like trying to buy from the grocery store without driving there in the first place. You can call for the cashier all you want, but that cashier’s still going to be 5 miles away. In the future teleportation will be all the rage.

Begin by focusing on your amazing body. Appreciate it-that’s the only way beauty will grow if you are insecure about how you look. Feel the amazing complexity that mother nature has gifted us. Each muscle and bone and blood vessel. Feel the deep energy currents running constantly day by day.

Imagine that each muscle is now relaxing to the fullest. If you cannot imagine the negative energy being converted into positive energy, release it. Let the negative energy be dispersed and be converted by the abundance of positive energy around you.

Let the energy coarse through your body and relax you even further. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper…

Dissolving the Blockages

You are now in the deep state. What do you see? Can you see any walls before you? The walls represent your blockages. If you cannot see any walls can you feel any walls? Try asking for light to be shown. Is there a massive all before you? A bunch of smaller ones? It doesn’t matter-all the matters is that those walls are going to be dissolved today.

Are those walls dark and grimy with dull energy? Are they firey and angry? Do you find yourself in a black void? Is the black void filled with love? Or is the black void filled with fear and things out to get you?

Go to a wall and feel how negative it is but also feel the trapped positive energy around and within it just waiting to get out. Feel a warm light around you-any color that you wish-and touch a wall. Feel the warmth dissolving the wall and converting the negative energy to positive. Feel the flow of energy becoming restored.

Go to each wall and dissolve them. You may start seeing visions of why the walls were put there in the first place. These visions may be intense. Now is not the time to run, go forth and deal with them. If not, feel free to deal with them later.

If you are feeling confident, don’t just visualize, but feel the energy surging out of you hands. Point your hands to a wall and watch the energy take the wall away. Feel the released positive energy around you and an increase flow. I usually perceive this as a strong wind. As the walls dissolve, more light will come and you may or may not find yourself in a beautiful scene of nature.


Once you are satisfied with your session. Send gratitude to the universe once again and imagine yourself flying high above the scene. Feel energy rushing throughout your body. You feel energized and cannot sit any longer! Sit up! (Maybe not too fast or else you might see “stars”) Stretch your wonderful body. Send gratitude to it. If you have not cleared all of the blockages, be thankful that you have cleared some. If you have not cleared any, be thankful that you know how to move forward. If you don’t know that you have blockages, you likely did not read this meditation thoroughly and should probably do so.

How do you feel? More free? More focused? More in tune with life and happiness? Try to carry that-for most-unfamiliar feeling throughout the day. Things may start happening for you left and right 😉

Wall Picture