Dark Wall Meditation

Often in life we come across some form of blockage whether it is from tragedy, people not liking us, and not winning the lottery. These blockages embed themselves deep into the mind. The only way to release yourself from these blockages is to uproot them yourself. And the only way to uproot them is to venture deep into the Mariana’s Trench.


One of the most overlooked things in meditation is being ready to do the meditation itself. Most will put on their headphones and then think about the ongoing day and other drama. It is time to go into the inner world, not the realm of Cheesecake Riots and Screaming. Trust me, it’s a lot more peaceful and fun.

Generally you will want to be reclined if not sitting up. Most people tend to fall asleep when lying down as the human mind is conditioned to sleep because that’s what people do when lying down.

Be away from distractions. Uninstall the social media if you have to. Close the windows. Tell everyone that you’re taking a small vacation from this bullshit and you’re probably goinig to end up operation on a higher frequency where you won’t be phased by said bullshit. Give mom and dad a hug ect. Turn off the television, burn it if you have to. If you are hungry, the energy systems generally tend to flow wayyy better without food as energy is not spent on digesting said food(read New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce or watch his videos, they legitimately work surprisingly fast).

Most importantly: Send gratitude to the universe for the opportunity of personal growth.

Entering Deeper States

In order to go into the subconscious levels, you need to get there. If you were to simply perform the bulk of the meditation in your everyday state, you would not do much. It is like trying to buy from the grocery store without driving there in the first place. You can call for the cashier all you want, but that cashier’s still going to be 5 miles away. In the future teleportation will be all the rage.

Begin by focusing on your amazing body. Appreciate it-that’s the only way beauty will grow if you are insecure about how you look. Feel the amazing complexity that mother nature has gifted us. Each muscle and bone and blood vessel. Feel the deep energy currents running constantly day by day.

Imagine that each muscle is now relaxing to the fullest. If you cannot imagine the negative energy being converted into positive energy, release it. Let the negative energy be dispersed and be converted by the abundance of positive energy around you.

Let the energy coarse through your body and relax you even further. Feel yourself falling deeper and deeper…

Dissolving the Blockages

You are now in the deep state. What do you see? Can you see any walls before you? The walls represent your blockages. If you cannot see any walls can you feel any walls? Try asking for light to be shown. Is there a massive all before you? A bunch of smaller ones? It doesn’t matter-all the matters is that those walls are going to be dissolved today.

Are those walls dark and grimy with dull energy? Are they firey and angry? Do you find yourself in a black void? Is the black void filled with love? Or is the black void filled with fear and things out to get you?

Go to a wall and feel how negative it is but also feel the trapped positive energy around and within it just waiting to get out. Feel a warm light around you-any color that you wish-and touch a wall. Feel the warmth dissolving the wall and converting the negative energy to positive. Feel the flow of energy becoming restored.

Go to each wall and dissolve them. You may start seeing visions of why the walls were put there in the first place. These visions may be intense. Now is not the time to run, go forth and deal with them. If not, feel free to deal with them later.

If you are feeling confident, don’t just visualize, but feel the energy surging out of you hands. Point your hands to a wall and watch the energy take the wall away. Feel the released positive energy around you and an increase flow. I usually perceive this as a strong wind. As the walls dissolve, more light will come and you may or may not find yourself in a beautiful scene of nature.


Once you are satisfied with your session. Send gratitude to the universe once again and imagine yourself flying high above the scene. Feel energy rushing throughout your body. You feel energized and cannot sit any longer! Sit up! (Maybe not too fast or else you might see “stars”) Stretch your wonderful body. Send gratitude to it. If you have not cleared all of the blockages, be thankful that you have cleared some. If you have not cleared any, be thankful that you know how to move forward. If you don’t know that you have blockages, you likely did not read this meditation thoroughly and should probably do so.

How do you feel? More free? More focused? More in tune with life and happiness? Try to carry that-for most-unfamiliar feeling throughout the day. Things may start happening for you left and right 😉

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