• How not Caring about Manifestation will Speed Up your Manifestation
    “Oh noes! If I don’t have that feather appear in exactly 24 hours 32 minutes and 6 seconds, I am doomed!”, screams the deep subconscious as you begin to desperately “Ask, Believe, and Receive”. Now don’t get me wrong, if you get super skilled, you can make a sparkly pink feather appear in exactly 24 […]
  • The Universe is your Mirror: The overlooked simplicity of Manifestation
    It is common fact that whatever you think will become true. It is also common fact that most people who try think things into existence will fail to their disappointment. The act of manifestation is quite simple. You wield massive power over your domain of your experience. What you experience is literally the manifestation of […]


  • Guest Post: Peace is a Choice by Alleyn Kane
    Under the guidance of a Tae Kwon Do master, I had my first profound realisation with meditation Alleyn is a writer, martial artist, and meditation practitioner. He has lived in and travelled throughout east Asia where he feels right at home. Until he finishes the novel that will unite humanity, bring world peace, and enlighten […]
  • Random Driving: An Accidentally Discovered Exercise of Following the Heart
    A majority of you are probably listening to spiritual youtubers(probably more so given this current era) and come across that annoying monthly Mindvalley advertisement 😉 This month’s amazing advertisement came from Jeffrey Allen’s course on what I call “Doing cool shit with energy”. Usually I would hit the skip button because it’s an ad. As […]