Train of Thought

An irrelevant first post in a only relatively relevant blog by an irrelevant unit consciousness.

I have decided to use the cliche rising sun picture as this is the first post of the Interdimensional Imbecile, it is rather insignificantly significant. I do hope you appreciate I took time to find one with water which alludes to that one Bible verse and general symbolism. There are mountains which also give more meaning. I guess this picture is not so cliche after all.

It will not garner as much views as I would like to have at the moment as I have just started. In Kung Fu Panda, it was stated that “there is now a level 0”, I feel like I am at level negative 1. Because there is nothing much to be said on this post anymore, allow me to ellaborate on the mundane history of this website.

I started this website out of a desire to make some car payments when I go into college given the lack of time for a job. One should not throw their youth away to grow up even faster as it is much easier to act older when young than be young when older. Hopefully the technology or mysticism will discover a way to break the cycle. Nevertheless, these mortal bonds despite being fun would not cause too much loss as the consciousness goes on. It is still quite rude to kick someone off the Minecraft server unfortunately.

How I got into this mess


I realized that of the content that I could post was content on Spirituality. I began my journey in the summer after 4th grade after I read an article of “How ESP works” on I was hooked and attempted to learn telekinesis and learned about some communiities that have developed methods(or at least visualizations) for creating energy balls and launching them at your foes.

My obsession was only intensified with the reading of Harry Potter where I desired to be an auror. To my dismay, I did not recieve a letter from Hogwarts when I was 11.

The art of channeling massive amounts of energy and getting it to the proper resonance to achieve such antics have all but been obscured by fluff and secrecy. It is also because the ability to levitate and perform other “miracles” are simply side effects of becoming more spiritual. Basically, “Those who can, do not care that they can.” There are greater rewards of seemingly Disney Cheese such as “inner peace”, “love”, and “the ability to ‘follow your heart’ to the fullest”.

During Middle School I would continue in pursuit of achieving such abilities. Eventually I came across Spirit Science which introduced me formally to what was formerly known was the “New Age” community but there is not really a name. You know us from the crystals, the pendulum, the tarot cards, loving nature and whatnot. An intersting aspect was that I was in a Catholic Youth Group at the time.

I did push back and desired to exact revenge, but revenge is not really worth it, and it also takes too much effort and resources, and people could just agree to disagree. Sure, it may be hard, but I do find Catholicism rather beautiful. And I do have friends whose opinions are quite the opposite from where I stand.

Where I stand now is rather weird for most of those reading this blog, well not given the target audience. I don’t stand on a side necessarily, I just stand on higher vibrations and having fun. I do not know where exactly that can be pinned on a “political/ideological alignment chart” if even possible at all.

I would watch Spirit Science and learn from Drunvalo Melchizedek and Robert Bruce-whose work in energy manipulation and kundalini is quite underrated. We have also seem to have forgetten about the “Sacred Space of the Heart.” unfortunately.

Did I fail to mention at one “Secret” movie?

I could go on and on about my influences. But I’m not a parrot. You will see all these great people who have went high in spirituality and they did not just ctrl+c ctrl+v whoever was the big kahuna of their time. Yes, they did listen, but they also sought for themselves original information. They experimented and took risks and were thus rewarded greatly. To lead for the sake of leading is bullshit, to follow for the sake of following is also bullshit as well. There appears to be some ancient knowledge that has been lost but has been brought forth into the consciousness of the fortunate few: Collaboration.

How I got the idea of the “Interdimensional Imbecile”

One of the “rebels” in what I call the “spiritual community” that I have met is Landria Onkka. She was the one who posted that famous video of “Manifesting without the Law of Attraction.” To some, her content presentation may be rather off-kitler and she could probably afford a better mic and webcam.

But the content of the knowledge that she shared was revolutionary and put into words what most simply felt in their hearts so a world of minds could hear the message of the soul.

I never thought about money until recently when I have started the process of acquiring a car. I do have a nice job but I am going into college in a month and a half. I do not intend of wasting too much of my youth on grinding for essays-those come easily for me however a job on top of college would leave me little time for getting illegally drunk under the lampshade and fucking bitches all night long-just kidding, I’m a fitness junkie and I’m gay.

I have never really seen myself as an ultimate source of information. Although I did have a really large ego in the past like other elementary school aged children tend to have. As I went deeper into the rabbit hole(or deeper into the wikipedia links if you want to use a more modern phrase) I realized the infinte amount of information and growth ahead of me which is why I say:

I am eternally a fool no matter how wise I may seem. And chances are, so are you.


As the nature of this blog is of spiritual matters and how they interact with the material realm, the term interdimensional came to mind-“imbecile” quickly followed suit.

Images I don’t have to cite because their public domain but they so good I will: