The Universe is your Mirror: The overlooked simplicity of Manifestation

It is common fact that whatever you think will become true. It is also common fact that most people who try think things into existence will fail to their disappointment. The act of manifestation is quite simple. You wield massive power over your domain of your experience. What you experience is literally the manifestation of your conscious state.

The Universe is your Mirror.

Likely too simple for ya

“Hippy Bullshit!” most people will cry. Tears streaming down their face as their dreams of flying on a broomstick at Hogwarts are shattered. Attempts to win the lottery end up costing more overpriced Starbucks Lattes than caffeine addicts would ever spend in their lifetime. What was an investment in expensive manifestation courses became a loss in both time, money, and mental stability.

Why you rock at manifestation suck at intentional manifestation

The term “thoughts” generally indicate the presence of an idea within the conscious Mind. Most people tend to overlook the subconscious level. Even if someone were to think that they were invited to Howarts to fly broomsticks and defeat dark lords, they would utterly fail because the subconscious deems such as bullshit.

The basic gist goes:

  1. Conscious says “I can fly”
  2. Subconscious says “gravity.”

Ultimately, the “message” that is “sent” to the universe is “I think I can fly, but gravity won’t let me.” As the universe says, “Your wish is my command.” Congratulations! You have instantly manifested your thoughts!

Most people will then attempt to amplify their conscious thoughts even louder in hopes of reaching the universe. The issue with that is everyone has infinitely powerful and instantaneous access to such powers, so there is no room nor place to go upwards to.

You cannot ignore the rest of consciousness and expect cool shit to happen

You just can’t.

Like literally

Imagine trying to walk forward with your left foot while walking backwards with your right foot. You end up in the same spot-usually with more pain. Both the conscious and subconscious must be on the same page. If they are not, you will end up doing the splits.

The Mind is not the only aspect of your consciousness.

You have the Heart and the Soul. Usually, you have a Higher Self and a Lower Self. You must first realize what you really are. Soon, you being to realize that you are One with the entire fucking universe itself.

“Limits” of manifestation

As there are multiple “units” of consciousness(in truth a single One), each “unit” of consciousness possess infinite power. However, “what if one unit of consciousness wants the entire universe to be something different than another?”

Two different “experiences” will not occur within neither the same space nor the same time. As each “unit” of consciousness has individual freedom, one unit of consciousness cannot subjugate another unit of consciousness to an experience that the other would not give permission to?
So why can people beat each other on the streets? Because on the deep level, the consciousness has given permission to live by such rules of physics-which consequently enables others to beat others up without obtaining the Conscious Permission.

If you were to adjust your consciousness to a state where you did not give any permission to anyone to beat you up, you would not be beaten up.

The Issue is not Manifestation, but shifting your Consciousness to a desired state.

For most people, now the formerly spiritual exercise of Manifestation has become a “psychological” one. Meditation will be your friend. Deep seated blockages can be dealt with. The Dark Wall Meditation is a nice one to start with. All that matters is that you start shifting and exploring deeper levels of yourself.

You will find out that you made choices long ago that you have forgotten. You will find what you truly want. You will be free from the limited Conscious Mind. All aspects of your consciousness will be one day found. With such unity, mountains will move for you. In the meantime, enjoy the challenge.


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